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Note: Jay owns me, touch me and you will die, trust me she will chase you down with a shovel o.0

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Sixteen. Washington. Chinese. Dyke.

January 2019

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Wednesday. 8.18.04 4:34 am

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Thursday. 7.8.04 5:04 pm

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Friday. 7.2.04 1:48 am
been hanging out with corinna quite alot cuz she's the only one that lives near me.
so i slept over at her house and janae came over. we watched a movie and ate gummy bears until 2 when janae had to leave. went to sleep, next morning woke up to find corinna curled up net to me. got a bit too uncomfortable so i got up to go pee. came back and she was already dressed. i was still sleepy so i laid back down to doze for a bit. suddenly she got up and straddled me and bit my neck. right then we heard her mom walking down the hall so she quickly jumped off of me. whew, saved by her mom. so now i have a small hickey on my neck.... my mom asked what it was and i told her their dog bit me.
this is getting a bit too creepy. i think i'll stay far away from her for a while....
boo yea! watching fahrenheit 9/11 this saturday.
watched Underworld today. ending sucked. cool graphics and clothes though :-)

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Thursday. 6.24.04 3:22 pm
' Make me a willow cabin at your gate,
And call upon my soul within the house;
Write loyal cantons of contemned love
And sing them loud even in the dead of night;
Halloo your name to the reverberate hills
And make the babbling gossip of the air
Cry out 'Olivia!' O, You should not rest
Between the elements of air and earth,
But you should pity me!'
-Shakespear "the twelfth night"

missing jay.. so sad... ::sniff::
i tihnk i should take up smoking again too...


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Monkee Luvin
166th day of 2004
Welcome to the Wild Scandel Show.
Today we bring you another typical problem with our society today....
....too much fuzzy animal sex of course.

Host: we meet our poor defenselessly lost lil baby...
Image Hosting by Pix8.net

Host: And we meet our mother, Ms. Munkee, who brought herself to our show.

Ms. Munkee:"It was a mistake! It shouldn't have happened. I dont know wh othe father is. I dont know what to do! I'm so scared who might the father be..."
Image Hosting by Pix8.net

Host:Now Ms. Munkee... do you have any ideas of who you might think be the father? Narrowing the selection down may help. Especially with our newly developed DNA detector.now available at your local dealer in the "I'm A Slut" section.

Ms. Munkee:"Well... see, i fell in love with this wonderful...absolutely wonderful...person. and i'm really hoping he's the one but..."
Image Hosting by Pix8.net

Host: So...Mr. Nana is it? what are you willign to do if you turn out to be the father?

Mr. Nana:"Well I guess i'll take care of the baby of course. but if that is truly mine... but she's a slut! she screwd me the same night she did MY BEST FRIEND! i have pictures to prove!! but...because i've come to love her...i'm willing to stay.


Host: hmm... well we'll just take a look now..


Image Hosting by Pix8.net
Crowd: "oooooooh..."
Image Hosting by Pix8.net
Crowd: "ah...."

Host: And now here's the best friend...

Image Hosting by Pix8.net
Audience: "hisssssss...."

Image Hosting by Pix8.net
Audience: "Boooooo!!!"

Host: Aaaaaaaand there we have it folks! who do you think is the father? Lines are open now to hear your guesses. Please reply so this lonely little monkey can finally have a family!

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Digital Dust
157th day of 2004

hmmm...to go or not...

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